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Heat Mirror Windows: The Right Move for Smart Homeowners

Published on Tuesday April 4, 2017

Considering a window project? It’s time to learn about the benefits of Heat Mirror windows.

What are Heat Mirror windows?

Heat Mirror Windows

Heat Mirror windows are an advanced insulating system that uses state-of-the-art glazing to secure special, lightweight films between glass panes. The films are coated with tiny particles of metal to create a mirrored finish. The spaces between the films are referred to as “insulating chambers.”

  • The mirrored films reflect UV light and solar heat but allow visible light to pass through the window. The films reflect solar heat and light away from the windows. This keeps your home cooler in the summer months when there is more daylight and the sun’s rays are more intense. Heat Mirror windows can be made with one, two or three films to create between two and four insulating chambers.
  • The insulating chambers between the films are filled with an inert gas, like krypton or argon, to provide added layers of insulation. This insulation keeps cold air outside and heat inside your home during colder months. The insulating effect also prevents condensation from forming on the windows.

The number of films and the type of gas used in the chambers can affect the window R-values. R-value is the measure of a material’s ability to insulate; the more films and chambers in a window, the higher the R-value.

A higher R-value means greater performance. According to Eastman, a Heat Mirror window manufacturer, some of Heat Mirror glass options boast an R-value of 20. That’s better than some walls.

Heat Mirror windows

Get Quantum2 Heat Mirror windows and our lifetime, no-nonsense limited lifetime warranty. Fill out our estimate form today.

The history of Heat Mirror windows

Heat Mirror technology was first developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the late 1970s. The idea was to harness solar energy by manipulating the amount of sunlight transmitted through window glass.

The first Heat Mirror windows hit the market in 1983, courtesy of Southwall Technologies. The March 1984 edition of Popular Science had two cover stories — “Apple’s mighty 32-bit mini Mac,” and “Thinking window switches off the sun when hot.” As Heat Mirror window technology developed, heat-reflective glass was designed to block UV rays and keep heat outside of a home during the summer but inside during the winter.

In November 1999, Popular Science named Heat Mirror windows as one of the top 100 inventions of the millennium. In 2016 and 2017, Kensington HPP — the exclusive fabricator of Heat Mirror vinyl windows in the United States — saw its high-performance Heat Mirror windows earn the Energy Star Most Efficient award.

Heat Mirror windows can now be found in the Empire State Building and the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica polar research station, as well as homes around the world.

Heat mirror windows

Heat mirror windows vs. traditional windows

The Quantum 2 series vinyl replacement windows offered by Long Windows are a step above the traditional window design.

Consider Heat Mirror windows in your window replacement project:

  • The reduced solar heat gain in summer months keeps homes cooler in the summer.
  • Reduced heat loss in winter months keeps homes warmer in the winter.
  • UV blocking reduces fading to flooring, upholstery and other household items.
  • Condensation resistance protects your window trim and walls from moisture damage.
  • Reduced sound transmission keeps noise out and improves homeowner privacy.
  • Vinyl Heat Mirror windows are easy to clean, open and close smoothly, remain maintenance-free and look great, too.

Windows of the past just can’t compete.

Heat Mirror window testimonials: Take their word for it

Heat Mirror Windows

Long Windows is proud to offer high-quality Quantum 2 Heat Mirror vinyl replacement windows. These top-of-the-line replacement windows include Long Windows’ Lifetime “no-nonsense” limited lifetime warranty covering materials, parts and labor.

Some of our customers have discussed the benefits of Heat Mirror windows with us:

  • The Lucy Family from Fairfax, Virginia told us that “…we didn’t want to have a freezing cold house in winter. We entertain a lot, and when people came in, they said, ‘Wow, this is really warm in here! It’s usually freezing!’ I thought, well, you never said that before…The Heat Mirror product is so phenomenal. When we looked at the alternatives, it was the most cost-effective for us, given the product that we wanted. We wanted a really high-quality window.”
  • The Raflo Family mentioned that “…the windows have made the house so much more comfortable! You can walk right up to the window, and the sun is coming through, but you can’t feel the sun. So it keeps it cooler, for sure.”

See more Heat Mirror testimonials now.

Ready to replace your windows?

Replace your inefficient windows this year. Long Windows can make your home more comfortable, more energy-efficient and more attractive, too. That’s a solid trio! Get Quantum2 Heat Mirror windows and our limited lifetime, no-nonsense warranty. Fill out our estimate form today.

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