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5 Winter-Friendly Home Improvement Projects

Published on Tuesday January 3, 2017

The home improvement cycle is, for the most part, predictable. People tend to focus on the outside of the home in the summer and the inside of the home when winter comes.

Demand for specific types of work — window and door replacement, new roofs and gutters, renovations — changes with the seasons and consistently we see that winter home projects aren’t the most popular choice.

Don’t let the trends fool you, though — winter can be a fantastic time to tackle some of the traditional “warm weather” home improvement projects. If you’re selling your home this year, winter home improvement work is especially valuable.

Winter home projects prepare you for the spring real estate boom

According to Zillow’s 2019 data, “U.S. homes listed for sale in early May sell for $1,600 more than the average listing throughout the year.” That means you may not want to put off for tomorrow what you can do today — even if the forecast calls for a little snow. Winter home projects get your house in tip-top shape for when the market picks up again in the spring and early summer.

Winter home projects to tackle even as the temperature dropswinter scene

Roof Replacement

While winter brings cold and snowy weather to most of the United States, it’s still considered one of the best times of the year to start a number of projects.

Contractors often have greater availability around the holidays and into the beginning of the new year. The lighter workload should benefit your winter home project schedule, despite the potential weather challenges.

“Our crews work year-round, but many clients don’t want to have work done in the middle of the holiday season and winter months,” says Jeff Caron, Long Home Products’s Vice President of Sales. “This means there’s potential for better lead time if you’re able to schedule your roof replacement during these months. If the weather cooperates, it is possible to have your new roof installed even faster in the winter months.”

Window and Door Replacements

Winter can be a surprisingly good time to schedule window and door replacements since many people assume that there will be a big, gaping hole in their wall, turning their home into an icebox. However, this is not necessarily true.

Regardless of the season, good installers know that this is a winter home project and will work quickly and carefully to get your windows replaced one at a time so that the influx of cold air is kept to a minimum. They’ll also use plastic barriers and keep interior doors closed to minimize cold airflow in your home.

And if you’re worried about performance or seals in the cold weather, your contractor will know to use a silicone-based caulk or other high-performance sealant to minimize any temperature-related sealing issues.

Since winter is the off-season for many home contractors, there will be more flexibility in their installment schedules. Plus, once new windows and doors are installed, you’ll be able to start reaping the energy-efficient benefits right away.

If your windows and doors are drafty now, why wait until it’s warmer to replace them? That’s another few months of discomfort and high energy bills that you could avoid.


Vinyl siding is a great way to instantly improve the appearance of your home. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, siding can be the primary exterior of your home or it can be used to accent a wood or brick facade.

Another beautiful benefit: siding can be installed any time of year that is convenient for you, making it a great winter home project.

The durability of vinyl makes it extremely weather-resistant. Moisture and mild temperature fluxes are less likely to affect the installation. Insulated vinyl siding also reduces noise, which is a benefit that dated siding or other types of siding may not provide.

Plus, like replacement windows and doors, new vinyl siding can improve your energy costs starting the moment it’s installed.

Bathroom Remodel

While all of these projects are possible to schedule in the winter, they weather-dependent. Sudden blizzards or ice build-up can affect your budget and your schedule, so if that’s a risk you don’t want to take, bringing your home improvement projects indoors can be the way to go. Upgrading your bathroom is a great winter home project since it takes advantage of the increased availability for contractors and is an inside project from start to finish.

With the ability to transform your tub or shower (or turn your tub into a shower) with custom-made fixtures and products, it’s a quick project that won’t interrupt your routine, whether you’re planning for the holidays or just trying to stay warm by the fireplace.

Remember — any time spent indoors rather than out in the cold will be appreciated by your contractors, making it a win-win situation for both parties.

Ready to start a winter home project?

From a roof replacement to a bathtub-to-shower conversion, there are many ways to improve the look, feel, and function of your home throughout the winter months. Long Home Products is here to help you make the most of your home improvement projects year-round. If any part of your home is ready for an upgrade, contact us online to get a free estimate on your next winter home project.

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