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A Homeowner’s Guide To Front Door Styles

Published on Tuesday February 6, 2018

Front door styles.

When it comes to front door styles, you have a lot of options — which is great news for homeowners with specific stylistic preferences! However, it can get overwhelming when you aren’t sure how different front door styles compare to others.

Your home’s front door is your best opportunity for making a good impression—and it’s an incredible way to transform the look of your home without taking on the massive project of changing your entire home. After all, your front door is the first thing visitors see when they approach your home, so it must make the right statement. But that’s not all. Your choice of front door styles should make your home safer, more energy efficient and more beautiful, while also being installed properly with quality materials.

Front door replacement.

Benefits of a Front Door Replacement

There are a lot of benefits to shopping front door styles and getting a front door replacement. Here are 3 reasons you should consider getting a front door replacement:

1. Enhance Curb Appeal

In addition to enhancing the exterior of your home for your enjoyment, a sturdy and attractive front door can increase curb appeal when the time comes to sell your home. You’ll give your home a whole new look, and your neighbors and visitors will surely notice your new look!

2. Energy Cost Savings

A new ENERGY STAR® certified door can help save on energy costs. These doors are specifically engineered to keep out moisture, air, and dirt. They also help eliminate drafts from the outside. 

Steel or fiberglass doors are foam-filled with thermally efficient material. They contain the best weather seals on the market. Meanwhile, storm doors create a barrier against bad weather, allow natural light into your home, can help reduce air leaks, and can be used for ventilation in the summer.

3. Increased Safety

Break-ins occur every 26 seconds in the United States. 34% of burglars enter through the front door. A quality, durable replacement door provides an added level of security to your home. Doors made of solid wood, fiberglass, and steel doors are built to be tough. They also tend to feature secure door handles and high-quality locking mechanisms, constructed of superior metal for extra durability.

Front door replacement

The Best Front Door Styles

Whether modern or classic, well-crafted front door styles are the perfect marriage of form and function. The front door style you choose should complement the architectural design of your home while providing extra safety and energy efficiency. 

Entry Doors

Your entry door gives visitors to your home a glimpse of your personality and your style. From classic wood grain to decorative glass doors, there are endless ways to customize. A new entry door can update the look of your entire home.

One specific front door style to consider is a double entry door. Instead of opening to one side, double doors part in the middle, leading guests into the center of your entryway. Double entry doors offer a beautiful, grand entrance and work particularly well on larger homes. 

Another popular style is the French door. Composed of panels of glass, French doors allow for some level of privacy without sacrificing natural light. They are popular for both exterior and interior use.

Patio Doors

Beautiful as well as functional, patio doors bring the outdoors inside. These space-saving sliding glass doors come in many styles and colors. They offer triple weather stripping for improved insulation and energy efficiency.

Storm Doors

Adding a storm door to your entryway door is a wise investment. Storm doors create a barrier against bad weather, protecting your front door from the brunt of bad weather. They can also help reduce air leaks and be used for ventilation in the summer.

Front door color.

Front Door Styles Don’t Have to Be Boring

Once you’ve decided on a replacement door and consulted with your installation expert, it’s time for the fun part: color! Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to choose a neutral color. One of the best ways to spice up your home’s entrance is with a front door color that contrasts the siding and trim of your home. 

To go bold, choose a bright color like orange, blue, or a spring-time green. Alternatively, a glossy black  can provide a chic style to your home

Need Help Narrowing Down Front Door Styles?

Long Doors carries a complete line of front door styles that will complement your home and satisfy your budget. When you trust Long Doors to complete your door replacement or installation project, know that you’re in good hands. 

We provide quality, durable doors that can save energy, provide security, and enhance the exterior of your home. Contact Long Doors to get a free estimate and start your front door replacement project today!

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