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Black Roof Shingles Pros and Cons

Published on Friday January 21, 2022
black roof shingles pros and cons

The roof is a big determiner for the overall curb appeal of your home. Choosing the right shingle color can make a big difference. A lot of homeowners enjoy the sleek, modern appeal of black roof shingles but are considering the black roof shingles’ pros and cons before investing.

There are many black roof shingles pros and cons. When compared to lighter shades, you can expect dark shingles to harmonize well with a natural environment but they also may absorb more heat. It’s important to examine current building materials and construction costs as well to ensure you get the best roof for your budget. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider before you invest in a black shingle roof.

Black Roof Shingles Pros and Cons


1. Flattering Color

When looking at different asphalt shingle types, black roof shingles are a great option for many homes since they go well with different exterior home colors and siding types. If you’re having a difficult time selecting a shingle roof color that will flatter the exterior color of your home, black shingles may be the answer. They are easily complementary and go well with siding, stone, and brick. You want your new roof to look amazing and sometimes black shingles are the best.

2. They Hide Structure Imperfections

If your home’s roof has any structural imperfections, a black shingle roof can be a great way to disguise them. Black shingle roofs are visually appealing and do a great job of blending any unevenness or deformities, making the structure appear new and fresh. The best black shingle roofs for hiding any structural defects in your roof are of higher quality and should be installed by a professional. Be sure to work with manufacturers who have a history of success and with roofing companies that have a solid reputation of experience and expertise. High-end, luxury shingles are always better than low-end materials.

3. Suitable for a Variety of Installation Options

Black roof shingles are a great option for a wide variety of structure types and installation requirements. Whether you have a home, barn, shed, gazebo, guest house, or even a detached garage, a black shingle roof could be the perfect roofing upgrade. Consider the color choice to be sure it will improve the quality of your property, and check with a professional to make sure shingles are a good choice for your type of roof structure. In most cases, you can expect to get a green light and get started on your roofing upgrade.

4. Maintain Heat in Winter

If you install a black shingle roof on your home, you can expect the dark color to absorb heat from the sun and build up in the attic. This is great for winter weather since it provides a barrier against the cold and helps keep your home warmer longer.

5. Melts Snow Faster

Since black roof shingles maintain higher heat levels than lighter colors, they melt snow and ice off your roof faster. If you have extended periods of sub-freezing temperatures, snowfall, or ice, then it may not make a huge difference over time. But in areas that still get sunshine, you can expect snow to melt faster on black shingle roofs.


1. Shorter Lifespan

Shingle roofs have a shorter lifespan than many other roofing types. Some dark shingle roofs can wear down faster than lighter colored shingles due to their heat absorption. Since black shingles reach higher temperatures than lighter shingles, they can break down quicker. UV rays play a huge role in how long a shingle roof will last. If you’re hoping to extend the lifespan of your black shingle roof, it’s important to have a certain amount of attic ventilation to help support your roof. Choosing higher-quality black shingle roofs can also mean an extended lifespan.

2. Hot Attics

In the summertime, homes with black roof shingles may end up with a hotter home. Black roof shingles absorb heat, forcing it downwards into the house. This extra heat can end up keeping your attics pretty toasty, even forcing your HVAC unit to work harder to keep the rest of the home cool in the summertime. This can increase utility bills during the hot months of the year.

3. Increased Energy Consumption

Due to their heat absorption, black shingle roofs can cause extra energy use during the hottest months of the year, especially during the peak heat during the day when the sun is at its highest. Your home’s HVAC unit will need to run harder to keep the home at a desirable temperature.

4. Increased Mold Risk

While some black shingle roofs are waterproof, others aren’t. That’s why it’s so important to check the manufacturing standards of the shingles you choose. Some black shingles allow moisture and humidity to sneak under the shingles—especially during seasons of the year with high humidity. This can cause roof damage due to mold growth under and around the shingles.

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