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Can Replacing my Windows Make my Home Safer?

Published on Monday August 31, 2015

Burglar with a crowbar

When it comes to the value of your home, nothing gives you greater peace of mind than living in a home that’s safe. By getting the right replacement windows installed, you can make your home substantially safer than it is today.

In this article, we’ll tell you what features to look for when shopping for replacement windows with safety in mind.

Look for Windows with Strong Locks

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about a home invasion is probably broken glass, but in reality 88% of home invasions have no glass broken. That’s because it’s much easier for a thief to pop a lock than it is to worry about the noise and hazard of breaking glass.

So when you research your replacement windows, be sure to find a window with a strong locking system.

But be warned, many replacement windows have vinyl locks which are screwed into the frame from the top, making it relatively easy to break into your home. It only takes about 300 pounds of pressure to pop those screws and break a lock like this, which can be easily done with a pry bar.

At Long® Windows our replacement windows feature patented Stealth Lock technology.

These steel locks, exclusive to our windows, are recessed into the window sash – not screwed on the top, making them nearly impossible to break. In fact, it takes almost 1,500 pounds of pressure to break the Stealth Lock – more than the average weight of 6 full-grown men combined!

The Design of the Frame is Important Too

The next most important thing to think about when it comes to the safety of your windows is the window frame itself.

If you’ve got a bad frame, or one that’s easy to get a pry bar under, you’ve got a higher risk for a break in. Be sure to look for windows that have strong frames and are designed to eliminate a thief’s ability to pry them open.

At Long® Windows our replacement windows are custom built for your home using a computer-controlled manufacturing process that guarantees superior frame strength.

There are no screws and no caps, the frame is fusion-welded together – you can’t get a stronger bond than that!

Our windows also feature frames and sashes with a fully-interlocking design. This is not only great for preventing drafts and keeping out the cold, it keeps burglars out as well because it’s almost impossible to get a pry bar under the sash.

The Stronger the Glass the Better

Window strengthMost people do not think about glass as being the thing that will deter a would-be burglar. However, the more difficult you make it for a burglar to get in, the better chances you have that they will move on to an easier target.

The Thicker the glass, the harder it is to break. The more panes you have, the harder they are to get through. It’s really just that simple. At Long® Windows our replacement windows include two panes of double-strength glass, which is twice as thick (1/8″ vs. 1/16″) and twice as strong as standard single strength glass.

Look for Windows with Fire Safety Features

It’s important for your replacement windows to keep thieves from getting in, but what if you have to get out, and fast? Did you know that most people found dead in a fire, died while trying to open or get out of their windows?

The average single-pane wood or aluminum window can only have one sash lifted at a time and they do not tilt into the room, leaving just a small opening for escape. The average vinyl replacement window sash is designed to tilt in for easy cleaning, and – depending on how the window is constructed – some sashes can be easily removed once they have been tilted into the room.

At Long® Windows our replacement windows are double hung and feature a balance system that makes the sashes very easy to open. Both top and bottom sashes can be tilted in for easy cleaning or easy removal in the case of a fire.

In fact, both sashes can be tilted and removed in less than 15 seconds – leaving a large rectangular opening for escape. This maneuver is so easy it can even be taught to small children during a family fire drill, and then executed by children in an emergency.


There are many factors to consider when replacing the windows in your home, but the good news is, if you make sure to look for the features listed above, your new windows will definitely make your home safer.

When you’re ready to gain the peace of mind that safer windows provide, we’d love to help you with your home improvement project. Fill out our “Get a Price” form to start your free estimate today. Use promo code “BLOG” to take advantage of our special offers!

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