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Can you DIY a window replacement?

Published on Thursday August 16, 2018

DIY window replacement.

We all know the old adage, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”

While that certainly might be true in some instances (say for example, ordering your own lunch), it doesn’t always apply when it comes to home improvement projects. In fact, 40 percent of homeowners who took on a DIY project themselves said they regretted their DIY decision, according to a Zillow survey.

Perhaps that’s why homeowners are increasingly turning to the experts for their home improvement projects. A recent Houzz study found that nearly nine in 10 homeowners (88 percent) chose to hire a home professional for their renovation needs, up from 87 percent in 2016 and 85 percent in 2015.

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Still, there are some handy homeowners who think that going the DIY route on replacement windows will save time, money, and effort. The fact is, properly measuring, ordering, and installing windows takes a great deal of training, skill, and specialized tools.

While DIY window replacement might seem tempting, here are a few reasons you should rethink it.

Dangers and risks of installing your own windows

Can you DIY window replacement?

  • DIY is downright dangerous

    “More than 100,000 people injure themselves each year doing home improvement jobs,” according to the National Association of Realtors’ HouseLogic.com. “So add medical bills to your DIY budget, and you ending up spending the same, or more, than if you hired a pro.”
  • DIY is messy and disruptive

    Removing and replacing windows is a multi-step process that you want to get done as quickly as possible to shorten the time your household is in disarray. Having a hole in your house where your window used to be allows easy entry for all sorts of dust, debris, and unwelcome pests, not to mention, energy loss.
  • DIY is error-prone

    Even the best DIY-er can make a mistake — and when it comes to window replacement, those mistakes can be costly. Visible gaps, poorly installed trim, and sloppy caulking are all aesthetically displeasing, allow moisture and mold to accumulate, and minimize your home’s energy efficiency. More importantly, self-installation could void any manufacturer’s warranty that came with the window, leaving you with a bad window job and an empty wallet.

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Benefits of hiring a pro

Professional window installation.

There’s another acronym to consider in the case of DIY window replacement: PTE – pay the experts. When it comes to a big task like a window replacement project, it definitely pays to hire an experienced, professional, licensed window installer like Long Windows, and here’s why:

  • Hiring a professional saves time

    Time is money. So ask yourself, after work, fighting traffic, caring for family, and all the other obligations that make up a busy life, how much is your free time worth? Do you really want to spend that precious free time figuring out how to measure and install windows correctly?  

    “Window companies do this work all the time and can usually finish your house in a day or two,” notes online home improvement website, The Spruce.
  • Hiring a professional saves money

    Besides the aforementioned possible medical costs if there’s an accident, a professional window installer has the experience and industry contacts to get you the best deal on your replacement windows. After all, window installers are working on multiple projects and buying in bulk.  

    Contractors can purchase windows and materials at wholesale, while you will most likely have to pay retail value,” states HomeAdvisor.com.

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  • Hiring a professional ensures correct installation

    Poorly installed windows can lead to leaks and drafts, and are expensive to maintain. Hiring a professional also ensures that if the work is subpar or faulty, the warranty mentioned earlier will definitely come into effect.

    “Professionals know what to measure and how to correctly measure it. If you make errors when you measure for your windows, you are responsible for any mistakes; a supplier may not accept a return for special orders,” writes HomeAdvisor.com.

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Ditch DIY window replacement and go with the pros

Take a step to ensure that your window dreams are accurately translated into reality by going with the East Coast’s window replacement and window installation experts.

When you’re ready to hire a professional window installer for your latest home upgrade, contact us or visit us online to schedule a free, in-home consultation and ask about our no-nonsense limited lifetime warranty on labor and materials.

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