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DIY Roofing is Not Recommended: Here’s Why

Published on Wednesday May 30, 2018


May is National Home Improvement Month, and many homeowners have big plans to spruce up their homes.

In fact, 58 percent of homeowners say they plan to spend money on a home improvement project this year, according to the 2018 Home Improvement Survey by LightStream, a national online lending division of SunTrust Bank.

Unfortunately, many homeowners plan to do at least some of the home renovation projects themselves. Sixty-five percent of homeowners say they’ll do at least some of the work themselves, and 35 percent say they’ll DIY their projects entirely on their own.

The 18-34 age group is particularly fond of do-it-yourself projects, with 70 percent planning to work on at least a portion of their renovation.

But just because you’re not afraid to take on a project doesn’t mean you should, especially when it comes to attempting to repair—or even install—your own roof.

According to a Zillow survey, nearly 75 percent of homeowners surveyed had undertaken a home improvement project on their own. But after the dust had settled on the project, nearly 40 percent said they regretted their DIY decision.

Why DIY roofing isn’t worth the risk

It’s physically dangerous

DIY roofing is a risky—potentially dangerous—proposition. According to the National Safety Council, more than 6,000 Americans die each year from falls, mostly from roofs or ladders while cleaning gutters or fixing roofing. 

There’s a reason that roofing is one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in America. The Long Roofing team has undergone extensive safety training and certification, has access to specialized, life-saving, fall safety equipment, and meets rigorous safety checks.

It’s financially risky

Remember how we said roofing is dangerous? That’s why reputable roofing companies like Long Roofing have the appropriate insurance to cover all possible scenarios, specifically workers’ compensation and general liability insurance.

In addition, going the DIY roofing path could also end up voiding the terms and conditions of your existing roofing warranty. Most warranties have a clause prohibiting unauthorized repairs. Long Roofing’s team of experienced contractors ensure that your roof is properly installed and can provide you peace of mind that your project is covered under your roofing warranty.

It’s aesthetically dicey

Roofing isn’t as easy as it looks. Even just replacing a few shingles haphazardly can lead to a mismatched, patchwork quilt effect that can minimize your home’s curb appeal. Improperly aligned or crooked shingles are not pleasing to the eye and won’t make your neighbors happy.

Long Roofing takes pride in using long-lasting, quality products and the correct installation process to not only improve your roof’s structure, but accentuate the beauty and architecture of your home.

Why hiring a professional is in a homeowner’s best interest

Can you DIY a roof?

Taking the DIY track can certainly make sense when it comes to projects like planting a garden, upgrading your outdoor furniture, or re-tiling your bathroom.

However, some projects are better off left to professionals, including roof repair or installation. A reliable roofing company like Long Roofing can get the job done quickly and competently, saving you time, money, and stress.  

Long Roofing’s success is built on a simple formula: A superior roof system plus accredited installation equals an amazing warranty and customer satisfaction.

Integrity Roof System

A quality roofing system involves the underlayment, shingles, accessory product and ventilation all working together, day after day, year after year. The Integrity Roof System® is a single manufacturer product designed to provide optimum performance no matter how bad weather conditions are.

By choosing to use a high-quality, whole roof system like the Integrity Roof System, you can be sure that you’re getting:

  • Product quality and consistency from the manufacturer
  • Product-specific installation standards that are tried and true
  • Unparalleled product performance and warranty

In addition, Long Roofing contractors are trained by the manufacturer to install the Integrity Roof System. When you see that a company like Long Roofing has the coveted distinction of being a SELECT ShingleMaster™ Installer (given to only 1 percent of roofers in the nation), you can rest assured that they’ve been trained by the manufacturer.

This ensures that you have a tried and true, product-specific installation that will see your roof through the warranty period.

Long Roofing Warranties

Speaking of warranties, Long Roofing is the North American leader in 50-year SureStart PLUS® roofing warranties. The SureStart PLUS warranty applies to the Integrity Roof System and provides coverage for 100 percent of future shingle or labor costs.

What’s covered by the SureStart PLUS warranty?

  • Products are covered for 50 years
  • Labor is covered
  • Coverage is not prorated
  • Coverage is transferable to a new homeowner

Leave Roofing to the Professionals

Remember, roof work is no Pinterest project. Attempting to install or repair your own roof can be hazardous, costly, and potentially unsightly. Don’t take on roof repairs yourself. Contact Long Roofing online to request a roofing estimate. We build trust and peace of mind into every Long Roof.

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