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How to Get Homeowners Insurance to Pay For a New Roof

Published on Tuesday October 20, 2020
Paying for a new roof

Whether your home is in need of a new roof because the old one is damaged due to storms, winds, leaks, or missing shingles, full roof replacements can be an expensive project.  Many homeowners try to find out  how to get insurance to pay for a new roof to lessen the out-of-pocket expense for the project. 

Working with insurance companies can be a challenge, but if your home is in need of a new roof, it could be a worthwhile conversation. Here are some tips from our team for how to get insurance to pay for a roof replacement. 

How to Get Homeowners Insurance to Pay for a New Roof: 6 Steps

1: Understand Your Insurance Policy

Understanding how to get a new roof from insurance starts with first understanding your existing insurance policy and its details.  Not all roofing problems are covered by all insurance plans, so investigate  the terms of your insurance policy before you can expect your insurance company to help with your roof replacement.

If your policy clearly states that your roofing scenario isn’t covered, there’s no benefit in continuing with conversations further.  If your situation appears to be covered, or if it’s unclear, then move forward to the next steps.

2. Document All Damages and File Your Claim

Pictures with timestamps are one of the most secure ways you can document damages, making this step a crucial part in how to get homeowners insurance to pay for a new roof.

Having before-damage and after-damage photos with timestamps are ideal, so you can clearly show when the damages occurred. Once you have enough evidence and documentation, file your claim with your insurance company.

3. Check with a Professional

In some circumstances, you will need a professional roofing assessment to get your insurance claim approved. One of the best ways to document your roof damage properly, in addition to photos, is the opinion of a professional roofer. Getting a roof inspection will provide you with a professional assessment of your roof that proves what kind of attention is needed. 

It’s possible that your insurance company will suggest a roofing company for you or even pay for the inspection (often in the hopes that they won’t need to pay for a roofing replacement).

When figuring out how to get a new roof from insurance, remember that the insurance company isn’t against you. They just have to get through a lot of red tape themselves, and the opinion of a professional roofer can help you all get through faster.

4. Get a Price Estimate

As you work with a roofing professional for an inspection on your roof, remember that you and your insurance company will want to know what the cost of replacement will be. Ask for an estimate of a new roof when your roofer comes to inspect your roof.

Calling insurance company

5. Watch Out for Scams

Any time insurance or large home upgrades are involved, homeowners need to be aware of the potential of scams. Especially in the wake of big storms, scammers often canvas neighborhoods looking for storm-damaged homes they can promise a free roof to in return for some kind of information or other other personal benefit. 

To identify a legitimate company, you can always ask to see a copy of their liability insurance and any other certificates to prove their reputability. You can ask for their company’s address, to see their business license, and ask to see their reviews to check what sorts of complaints their business has received recently.

6. Fulfill Your Claim

If you’ve moved through the claim process and your insurance policy is recognizing or accepting your claim, then congratulations! The remainder of the process involves meeting their requirements so you can hire your roofing contractor and get your roof replaced, all paid for by your insurance company. 

Remember to stay patient, keep working through the process, and you’ll have a new roof before you know it, especially with the convenience and ease of online payment options.

Work with Experts You can Trust

We’ll work with you and your insurance company to help make your roof replacement project as smooth and painless as possible. Call the roofers you can trust to bring you peace of mind. Contact us online to get a price estimate, schedule a free in-home consultation and find answers to your roofing questions.

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