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How Long Does an Asphalt Roof Last?

Published on Monday April 18, 2022
Asphalt roof

When you’re planning an asphalt roof replacement, it’s only logical to ask yourself, “How long does an asphalt roof last?” An asphalt roof replacement isn’t a cheap project. Wanting to know how far your investment will take you is perfectly reasonable. The unfortunate truth is that roofing projects vary widely in price depending on many factors: the size of your roof, the complexity of your roof, the materials, and the contractor doing the work.

Long Home Products strives to be upfront with pricing and remain as accurate as possible with our project quotes. If you want some estimates on asphalt roof replacement costs, then read on for more information.

How Long Does an Asphalt Shingle Roof Last?

As mentioned above, many things affect the lifespan of a new asphalt roof replacement. While it’s only reasonable that you want a quick answer to your question—how long does an asphalt roof last—the truth is that prices vary. You can also expect the warranties to vary depending on the type of shingle you use, material quality, and roofing contractor. 

Please keep in mind that any numbers provided are based on the assumption that your asphalt roof replacement is accomplished by a skilled professional. That means the job was done correctly and that all the necessary factors are in place for a long-lasting roof. 

If you want to know the most accurate lifespan estimate for your new asphalt roof replacement, you must consider these factors: shingle type, ventilation, roofing contractor reputation, normal weather conditions in your area, the direction of your roof, and any regular maintenance you perform on your roof. Ask a roofing contractor about your specific roof for the most accurate lifespan estimate.

What Impacts Your Asphalt Roof Lifespan

1. Asphalt Shingle Types

There are three types of asphalt shingles: 3-tab, dimensional, and luxury. The first two are by far the most common type of asphalt shingle used in residential homes today and are what we’ll use as examples today. When you use a 3-tab asphalt shingle on your home, you can normally expect a 25-year warranty, whereas dimensional shingles usually come with a 30-year warranty. When properly installed and maintained, you can expect to get around 80 percent of your asphalt roof’s lifespan, meaning about 20 years out of 3-tab shingles and 25 out of dimensional shingles.

Again, please keep in mind that these numbers are assuming that all the other remaining factors are ideal.

2. Attic Ventilation

Not all homeowners are aware of this when considering an asphalt roof replacement, but the ventilation in your attic plays an important role in your roof’s health—and consequently, its lifespan. Without proper attic ventilation, your attic traps hot and cold air which can damage your shingles and drastically shorten their life. Trapped heat and cold will burn up or freeze your roofing system, and without proper ventilation, most roof warranties are void. Ensure your attic has proper ventilation to extend your roof’s lifespan.

3. Roof Maintenance

While homeowners are aware of spring cleaning tasks, lawn maintenance, and plenty of other homeowner chores, roof maintenance is something that often goes forgotten. It shouldn’t, especially considering the severe effect that debris can have when neglected on your roof. Wet sticks, leaves, and other debris sitting on your roof can cause severe issues for your shingles. When asphalt shingles remain saturated, they aren’t able to perform their main purpose: to keep your home dry. 

Annual roofing maintenance makes a big difference in prolonging your roof’s lifespan and keeping your roof healthy. This includes clearing debris off your roof, cleaning up all the valleys, and emptying your gutters. Neglecting your roof maintenance can take years off your roof’s life.

4. Weather Conditions

Sometimes you have no control over the lifespan of your asphalt roof replacement, especially if you live in an area prone to big storms and other inclement weather. The purpose of your roof is to protect your home from all the weather happening outside. By nature, this means your roof will experience some wear and tear over time. The more extreme weather that your roof gets exposed to, the faster it’s going to wear down and need to be replaced. 

Keep in mind that rain, wind, and snowstorms aren’t the only type of inclement weather your roof can experience. Severe sunshine can bake asphalt shingles and cause them to crack and chip away. Hailstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes are all possible detriments to your roofing system. As a homeowner, there’s nothing you can do to stop the weather but being aware of what it’s like in your area can help you know what to expect for your roof.

5. Roof Direction

Most homeowners have never seriously considered the direction of their roof before, but believe it or not, the way your home and roof faces has an effect on the lifespan of your asphalt shingle roof. The amount of direct sunlight on your roof can make a difference in how long it lasts. If your roof faces east and west, then each side of the roof gets equal amounts of direct sunshine as the sun comes up and goes over your home. If it faces north and south, then your roof is going to get uneven amounts of sun exposure, meaning that one side will wear down from exposure before the other.

6. Roofing Contractor Reputation

The experience and skill of your roofing contractor determine the quality of your asphalt roof replacement. While it can be tempting to hire someone on the cheap side—even if they are inexperienced—please keep in mind that you will pay severely for that choice when you need to replace your roof prematurely due to a bad installation job. Always work with professionals when it comes to your roof replacements and repairs. 

Check your roofing contractor’s experience, certifications, and customer reviews to be sure they’re a professional with the necessary experience. Don’t cut corners on your roof replacement project, especially when that only means you’ll be dealing with more problems in the near future.

Trust Your Asphalt Roof Replacement to the Professionals

An asphalt roof replacement can feel like a big job. That’s why it’s important to trust your roofing installation and repair projects to professionals who have the experience necessary to get the job done right. If you’re looking for high-quality home repair, the experts at Long Home Products can get the job done right. Find your closest Long Home Products location today.

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