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Upgrading Your Doors for Improved Energy Efficiency

Published on Thursday July 13, 2023
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Upgrading Your Doors for Improved Energy Efficiency

At Long Doors, we understand that homeowners are always looking for ways to save money. Upgrading your home’s doors is a quick and budget-friendly answer to lower your energy bills (and make your home more eco-friendly). 

Not only will energy-efficient exterior doors lower your energy bills, but they’ll provide a higher return on investment (ROI) when you sell your home. Investing in new doors now will reap both short-term and long-term benefits for your wallet.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Doors

Energy-efficient doors have many benefits. Let’s look at the four most significant benefits to you as a homeowner.

Cost Savings on Utility Bills

Upgrading to energy-efficient doors can significantly  decrease in your monthly energy bills. Doors designed for energy efficiency can reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer — all things we deal with throughout the East Coast. By keeping the interior temperature comfortable, you reduce your HVAC usage, cutting back on a major source of energy use.

Improved Home Comfort Levels

Due to the way they’re constructed, solid energy-efficient doors may also reduce the amount of noise coming into your home. They also help block harmful UV rays from entering the house, thus preserving your furnishings, curtains, or carpet from fading due to sun damage. 

Increased Durability

Made from highly durable materials, energy-efficient doors are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures and high wind. They’re less likely to warp or rot over time, which means they’ll last longer than traditional doors, making them an excellent long-term investment.

Aesthetic Appeal

The benefits of energy-efficient doors don’t stop at saving you money. New front doors are a great way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Choose an energy-efficient door that will complement your home’s architectural style and your personal taste. Long Doors offers a selection of fantastic door styles and materials that can add curb appeal to your home and increase its overall value. 

We invite you to choose from our many options, such as decorative glass panels, transoms, sidelights, and hardware, to customize the door’s appearance and make it unique to your home. Our energy-efficient doors are also made with high-quality materials that resist fading and discoloration over time, ensuring that the door maintains its beauty for many years. 

Long Doors - Door Replacement and Installation

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Door

How do you know if a door is energy efficient? And what else should you consider when shopping for a new door? Let’s take a look.

Energy Efficiency Rating

An energy-efficient door should have a high R-value and/or low U-factor. These ratings indicate the door’s ability to resist heat flow and determine its insulation capacity. A higher R-value or lower U-factor door will keep outdoor heat and cold from entering your home. For instance, a door with an R-value of 5 will offer superior insulation compared to a door rated R-value of 2, requiring less power to maintain your house’s temperature, resulting in less energy consumption and reduced expenses.

You can also look for a door’s National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) ENERGY STAR® rating, which lets you know how efficient (or not) a door will be for your home, including potential savings per year.

Price Point

The cost of the door should also be a key factor. Investing in a higher-priced door may initially seem like an expense, but certain types of doors are specifically designed to save significantly on energy costs over time. Make sure you know what you’re getting when shopping for doors so you don’t sacrifice quality to save money in the short term.

Style and Design

Before settling on a new door, homeowners should consider how the door will look in conjunction with the rest of the house. Besides practicality and cost, the door should blend well with your home’s architectural aesthetic, improving its overall curb appeal. The right type of door can have your home looking even more impressive than before. So choose a door that fits your style and works with your house. Not only will this help improve your home’s ROI, but it’ll add beauty and style to your entire home. It’s a small project that can make a big impact!

Types of Doors Available

Long Doors - Door Replacement and Installation

The three types of door materials available are wood, fiberglass, and steel. How do each of these stack up in terms of energy efficiency?

Wood Doors

Wooden doors offer a traditional and classic look to any home – but are not the most energy-efficient option. They have a lower R-value than fiberglass doors and can warp from moisture or extreme temperature shifts. 

If you decide on wooden doors, make sure the ones you choose are insulated with weatherstripping or an insulating core to improve energy efficiency.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors have gained recent popularity thanks to their energy efficiency and durability. They can mimic the appearance of wood or steel doors for aesthetics and curb appeal while providing optimized insulation levels. Fiberglass doors usually have high R-values and are resistant to moisture and warping, making them ideal for regions with harsh weather conditions.

Steel Doors

Steel doors offer the most durability and security features of any door material. However, they have the lowest R-value. Steel doors conduct heat, which makes them unsuitable for homes in regions with extreme temperatures. Homeowners who choose steel doors can improve their energy efficiency by opting for double-panel or foam-insulated steel doors.

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