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What are the Best Replacement Windows for my House?

Published on Thursday May 2, 2019

single hung dining room windows

At Long Home Products, we don’t believe in selling half-baked products. Nothing less than the best will do. Take a look at some of the ways you can incorporate these amazing windows into your home’s design.

So what are the best replacement windows

Double Hung Windows 

Double hung windows

Double hung windows have two sashes that can both move vertically within the frame and are usually adorned with the classic muntin grid pattern, making them great for traditional and historic homes.

Since they can open from the top and the bottom, double hung windows are great for natural ventilation while saving on interior and exterior space. As warm air rises and escapes through the opening up top, cooler air can enter your home through the lower opening. This helps your home naturally cool in warmer months without spending a penny on air conditioning.

Casement Windows 

casement windows kitchen

Casement windows are hinged at the side and easily crank-open outwards. These windows are great additions to older and historic homes thanks to their European and Old-World feel. Casement windows also offer increased ventilation and great energy efficiency in the summer. By design, these windows use any wind pushing up against them to reinforce the seal, which helps them last longer.

Awning, Hopper and Slider  Windows

hooper window bedroom

Awning Windows

Hinged at the top, awning windows are typically crank-operated and extend outwards to create an awning-looking window. This is a great option for homes located in climates where it rains frequently, as awning windows allow air ventilation during rainstorms without letting water enter your home.

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are ideal for basements and other spaces where a window is wanted but little vertical wall space is available. Opening from the top and leaning back, hopper windows open into the home, unlike awning windows that open out. Since they make great use of small spaces, hopper windows offer great natural light with little chance of wind or heat passing through, making them rather energy-efficient.

Slider Windows

Like hopper, slider windows also work well for spaces with little vertical wall space for a window to go. Sliders are another great space-saving option because they glide along a track from side to side rather than extending out of or into a room.

Bow and Bay Windows 

Bow and Bay window exterior

Bay and bow windows compliment both historic and modern homes, making them a classical architecture element that stands the test of time. They are typically fixed and sealed which helps provide energy savings and insulation. However, they’re often accompanied by other double hung or casement windows on the side for stylistic reasons, which can reduce the benefits of the fixed window. They are found frequently in kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms in order to provide more space and natural light to brighten up a dark room.

Picture and Garden Windows 

picture window kitchen

Garden Windows

Garden windows extend out from the wall and feature an interior shelf where you can put potted plants or other home decor items to give your space a bit more personality. Since garden windows are so specific in their design and protrude from your house, bear in mind that they may affect your resale value.

Picture Windows

Since this type of window is essentially just a large piece of glass, picture windows are designed to maximize your view and allow as much light in as possible. They don’t open and are sealed in place, which means they offer the best energy efficiency of all the window styles listed above. However, having a sealed window does come at the cost of no ventilation.

No matter the window, LONG has the style for you.

Whether you’re interested in a simple double hung window replacement or you want to install a bay window in your dining room, a garden in your kitchen and picture in your living room, the window experts at LONG can make your dream come true. Visit us online to set up an appointment and see what Long Windows can do for your home.

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