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Everything to Know About Acrylic Tubs

Published on Tuesday December 15, 2020
Acrylic tub

If you need a tub replacement or are looking to remodel your bathroom, acrylic bathtubs are one of the most common tub options on the market today.

But that doesn’t mean homeowners don’t have questions. This tub option has piqued the interest of homeowners, asking: What is an acrylic bathtub? What is an acrylic tub made of?

This popular tub material is great for different styles, spaces, budgets, and family needs. With stylish options, they make for an excellent bathroom centerpiece — but don’t skimp on practical or functional design. 

What is an Acrylic Tub?

An acrylic bathtub is formed from vacuumed sheets of acrylic, reinforced with fiberglass. When heated and mixed with dyes, fillers, resins, stabilizers, and other chemicals, a reaction converts the mixture of materials into acrylic sheets once dried.

Massive vacuums are used to suction the soft acrylic sheets into the shape of a mold, which is cured until it is removed from the mold and set aside in the shape of the tub.

Layers of fiberglass finishes and resins are sprayed onto the tub to laminate it and ensure its durability. Brackets and plumbing accessories are added as finishing touches before the product is packaged and transported.

Acrylic bathtubs are increasing in popularity due to their cost-effective materials and affordable manufacturing process, offering an impressive return on investment for homeowners.

Benefits of an Acrylic Tub

Acrylic tubs come in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes. They are one of the most affordable bathtub materials and tend to be very lightweight, allowing them to be easily installed and repaired if ever necessary. Here specific acrylic tub benefits:


Acrylic tubs are made from acrylics and fiberglass, allowing them to be much lighter than tubs made from different materials. This puts less stress on your bathroom floor, makes your tub easy to install, and makes repairs easier if they’re needed in the future. 

Come in a Wide Variety

There is a lot of flexibility in design, shape, and size when it comes to acrylic tubs, meaning you’re sure to be able to find a tub to fit your style and needs. Acrylic tubs are much cheaper to manufacture, so they can offer the widest variety of options at the most affordable price.


Acrylic tubs are essentially reinforced fiberglass tubs, making their cost nearly as flexible as their design range. Acrylic tubs are often more expensive than pure fiberglass tubs, but they are far more affordable than most other materials like porcelain and cast iron. 


Even though acrylic tubs also use fiberglass, which tends to be a fragile material, the acrylic material eliminates most of the issues in fiberglass durability. Acrylic is non-porous which means it will not absorb water and won’t require frequent bathtub replacement.

This increases its longevity and makes it a much more durable material option, not prone to chipping or cracking.


Acrylic Tubs Compared to Other Materials

Depending on your budget and needs, an acrylic tub has many advantages over other material options. Here are a few comparisons to consider:

Acrylic Tubs Vs. Fiberglass

When compared to fiberglass, acrylic tubs are superior in many ways. The acrylic tub design method offers most of the advantages of fiberglass while eliminating a lot of the negatives.

It is more durable, less prone to breaking, meaning it will last longer, require fewer repairs, and still offer all the lightweight and affordability benefits. Also, acrylic tubs don’t tend to yellow like fiberglass tubs do.

Acrylic Tubs Vs. Porcelain

When compared to porcelain, acrylic tubs are much more lightweight, have a better heat retention, are more durable, more affordable, and require less maintenance over time.

Acrylic Tubs Vs. Cast Iron

When compared to cast iron bathtubs, acrylic tubs can’t compete when it comes to longevity or durability, but they win by a landslide when it comes to weight and affordability. Iron tubs tend to be expensive, extremely heavy, and difficult to install, often requiring floor reinforcements.

For a direct comparison, most acrylic tubs tend to be around 75 pounds while cast iron tubs can be upwards of 300 pounds.

Looking to Upgrade Your Tub?

You came here wondering “what is an acrylic bathtub” and “what is an acrylic bathtub made of,” and are leaving with all the information you need to make an informed decision for your bathroom remodel.

At Long Baths™, we provide quality materials and unparalleled craftsmanship because the quality you notice often comes from the details you don’t.

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