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      Roofing in Vienna, VA

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      Long Roofing: the new roof solution for Vienna, Va.

      When it’s time for you to put a new roof on the family home out in Vienna, we think you should connect with the roofing company you can really trust: Long Roofing®.

      A roof with style, a roof with durability

      We get it — you’re not a roofing expert, but you know you want a few things out of your investment in a new roof. Those things include durability (you want it to stand up to whatever nature has to offer), style (you want it to look great) and peace of mind (you don’t want to deal with this again in 10 years).

      We can deliver on all accounts.

      Durability? We can provide you with the Integrity Roof System®, a specific roofing installation program that ensures long-lasting strength.

      Style? We can offer a wide variety of colors, shades and designs for asphalt shingle roofs that will ensure your home looks amazing, regardless of your budget.

      Peace of mind? Check out our SureStart PLUS® warrantyThat’s 50 years of coverage for your roof. That’ll help you rest easy when the next storm blows in.

      What are your roofing options? Take a look.

      Asphalt shingle roofs

      Here’s a little piece of trivia you can pull out at the next cocktail party: 80 percent of American homes have asphalt shingle roofs. Don’t believe it? Just look up next time you take a stroll around your Vienna neighborhood. We have a feeling you’ll see plenty of asphalt shingle roofs.

      Asphalt roof shingles are affordable, which is a big plus. They last a long time, too — another check in the plus category. Asphalt roofs shingles also need little to no maintenance, which is great, because you don’t want to get up on a ladder or call the roofing company every couple years. Finally, asphalt roof shingles come in all sorts of colors and styles, which means your home will look great, too.

      Put asphalt roof shingles over a expertly-constructed roof and you’re in good shape for years to come. Learn more about asphalt shingle roofs.

      Flat roofs

      Do you have a flat roof on your house? Flat roofs aren’t just found on row homes in places like Alexandria or Washington, D.C. — you’ll also come across flat roofs on your garage or even on your porch. They often need to be replaced more often than roofs with a steeper pitch because, as you can imagine, water tends to pool — and water, over time, will do damage. This also means that you need to trust a true expert with flat roof replacement in order to get as many years as possible out of your flat roof. Learn more about flat roofs.

      Luxury and designer shingle roofs

      Sometimes it feels good to make an investment in the highest-quality shingle with the most strength and durability. It helps when you also know that shingle looks fantastic, too. Our luxury and designer shingle roofs can stand up to the most heinous conditions the weatherman can imagine while providing the kind of style and curb appeal that will make your neighbors want to replace their roofs, too. Learn more about luxury and designer shingle roofs.

      Read this first: Understanding the LONG Process

      We get some questions about the LONG Process. When you need a roof replacement, we appreciate that it is a major investment and there will be a lot of questions. That’s why we require every decision-maker to be present when our product specialist pays an in-home visit to discuss your roofing options. We want all of the people who will make the final call on a new roof present so everyone is comfortable moving forward.

      Questions about the LONG Process? Let’s talk about it. Contact us now.

      Financing your new roof — we can help.

      We have financing plans that can help fit your new roof into your budget. Learn more now.

      Let’s talk.

      Need a new roof for your Vienna, Va. home? Let’s make a plan together. Contact us today

      Get educated: Learning more about roofing and roof replacement

      Ready for a new roof? Here’s what Long Roofing has to offer.

      • Roofing Options and Showcase
        Long Roofing offers a variety of roof replacement options. Wondering about shake style roofing? Want top-of-the-line durability? We’ll  help you find what’s best for your home. Learn more about the choices you have for the roof over your head.

      • Roofing Benefits and Specifications
        Is now the time to replace your roof? There are several reasons to be proactive about this important home improvement decision. Let’s look at the benefits of your new roof, including warranties, protection and peace of mind.

      • Roofing Testimonials
        Other homeowners like you are trusting Long Roofing for roof replacement services. They are very happy they did! See some of our recent work and hear from other families who enjoy the peace of mind of a Long roof.

      Let's talk about roofing.

      If it's time to replace your roof, we should talk today. We look forward to protecting your family and your home.

      *Excludes labor. Subject to credit approval.

      **Excludes labor. Subject to credit approval.

      One-day installs contingent upon municipal rules and regulations.​

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