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Makeover Your Space with a Condo Bathroom Remodel

Published on Monday June 12, 2023

You don’t have to break the bank to give your condo bathroom a makeover. In fact, all it takes are a few simple and affordable upgrades to make the space your own. So, whether you’re looking to age in place safely and comfortably or just want a more functional use of a small space, let’s look at some condo bathroom renovation ideas to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Bathroom remodel and replacement

Before You Get Started

The first step in any condo bathroom makeover is to check with your condo board or homeowner’s association (HOA) for any rules and regulations regarding the work you plan to do. Most of the time, a condo association will allow changes that don’t affect the structural integrity of your space and won’t access the common property like electricity or plumbing. Check your HOA for rules regarding noise regulations, as well. 

Declutter and Organize

A small condo bathroom remodel should be prefaced with some decluttering and organization. Start by taking everything out of your bathroom that’s not a fixture. Throw away anything that’s broken, expired or hasn’t been used in the last year. 

Then, set aside things that don’t need to live in your bathroom to put away in their proper places later. Anything that’s used often — soap, shampoo, razors — should go in places where they are easy to reach. Make notes about the functionality and features in your dream bathroom, such as a shaving bar, seat, and storage shelves within your bath or shower walls. 

Install Shelves

A great way to add instant space to your condo bathroom is to install shelves. These can be used to hold decorative items or extra supplies. Shelf installation is fairly easy to do yourself and can add a professional look to your condo bathroom makeover. You don’t even have to install shelves yourself: over-the-toilet shelves can provide additional space, as well.

Use Baskets and Containers

There’s no shortage of decorative and interesting baskets and containers out there! Choose a few that will work with your bathroom’s new color scheme. Put wet towels into a big basket, or keep fresh toilet paper rolls in a little bin behind the toilet. 

Sanitary products, makeup, hair styling tools, and anything else you use in your bathroom can be organized and stored in inexpensive yet stylish baskets. You can also optimize space with some countertop organizers and containers.

DIY Condo Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bath, faucet, and shower fixtures are easy, affordable ways to spruce up your bathroom, and you likely won’t need HOA approval. Here are some small condo bathroom renovation ideas that you can probably do by yourself (or with a friend) in a day or less.

Replace Old and Outdated Fixtures

Cut down on condo bathroom remodel costs by simply replacing your old and outdated fixtures. Sink and bathtub faucets, showerheads and towel racks can be replaced with a quick trip to your local hardware store and minimal tools.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Most HOA rules don’t apply to painting interior walls, so this is a perfect tip for a quick bathroom makeover.

  • Choose a high-quality paint that’s designed to resist moisture.
  • Clean your bathroom thoroughly and remove the toilet tank (if you can) before you paint.
  • As with any other room, cover the non-painted areas and tape all the edges with painters tape.

As for choosing a new color for your bathroom, here are some guidelines to help you get started.

  • Use a color wheel to choose a primary color, a complementary color, and an accent color.
  • Do you want your bathroom to look trendy or timeless?
  • Do you prefer warm tones or cool tones?

Upgrade Your Bathroom’s Lighting

Good lighting is a must-have in any bathroom, but especially for condo bathrooms that might not have access to as much natural light as a house. The right bathroom lighting can enhance your bathroom experience with bright light when you need it on the mirror, or with dim accent lighting for relaxing in the tub.

In addition to changing your bathroom’s lighting fixtures, you can change the bulbs. Consider a motion-sensitive bulb that will turn on automatically when you need to use the bathroom at night. Replace bright overhead bulbs with lower wattages for a more cozy feel. And try adding stick-on lights to your mirror to create an instant Hollywood-style vanity.

Remember to check with your condo’s HOA before adding or taking out electrical wiring, and, if allowed to do so, always have a professional electrician do the work.

Bathroom Condo Renovation Projects to Consider

Now that we’ve covered condo bathroom renovation ideas that you can do yourself, it’s time to explore projects that require a professional. They’ll work with you to determine the best approach for your specific circumstances and vision. These bathroom remodel options offer various possibilities to transform your condo bathroom to meet your needs, style, and accessibility requirements. 

Tub-to-Shower Conversion

If you’re looking to maximize space and enhance convenience, a tub-to-shower conversion is an excellent small condo bathroom renovation idea. By removing the existing bathtub and replacing it with a shower, you can create a more spacious and accessible shower area. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with mobility concerns or those who prefer the convenience of a shower over a bathtub. 

Additionally, converting a traditional bathtub into a sleek, modern shower can make your entire condo bathroom feel brand-new. It provides an elegant, fresh aesthetic that aligns with current design trends. Plus, it’s one less area of your bathroom to clean!

Shower Replacement

Whether your current shower is outdated, damaged, or simply not meeting your needs, a shower replacement can breathe new life into your space. Choose from various options such as walk-in showers, corner showers, or enclosed showers to suit your preferences and available space. Consider incorporating features like multiple showerheads, built-in seating, and niche shelves for added comfort and convenience.

Bath Replacement

If you enjoy relaxing baths but find your current bathtub outdated or impractical, a bath replacement may be just what you need. It can provide you with a luxurious and rejuvenating bathing experience. 

Opt for a new bathtub that complements your bathroom’s aesthetic and meets your desired level of comfort. Freestanding tubs, soaking tubs, and whirlpool tubs are popular choices for bath replacements. Enhance the ambiance with ambient lighting, bath caddies, and soothing bath accessories.

Aging-in-Place Condo Bathroom Remodel 

For those looking to make their condo bathroom more accessible or age-friendly, several modifications and additions can be incorporated. Installing grab bars near the toilet, shower, and bathtub helps provide stability and support. 

Additionally, a walk-in bathtub with a door or a curbless shower with slip-resistant flooring can enhance safety and accessibility. Optimizing the bathroom layout to accommodate mobility aids like wheelchairs or walkers can also contribute to a more accessible and comfortable environment.

Make Your Condo Bathroom Renovation Ideas a Reality

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