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How Long Do Bathtubs Last?

Published on Monday June 1, 2020

Considering renovating your bathroom in the near future?  As one of the most used rooms in your home, your bathroom should be a place you enjoy spending time getting ready in the morning or relaxing after a long day. 

This is particularly true for the bathtub and shower area of your bathroom. Since you and your family are using this part of the bathroom on a daily basis, you want to ensure that the new shower or bathtub you select for your bathroom upgrade will be durable enough to last for years to come.

Lifespan of a Bathtub


There are several factors that impact the lifespan of your bathtub, including frequency of use and how well it’s maintained through proper cleaning. It’s also important to remember that not all bathtubs are made equal—the material your tub is made of also plays a huge role in how long your bathtub will last. 

How Long do Fiberglass Tubs Last?

You can expect a fiberglass tub to last between 10 and 15 years. Homeowners that opt for fiberglass bathtubs often choose that option because of its affordability and easy installation process compared to cast-iron, steel and other types of tubs.

However, there are a few cons to fiberglass tubs that shorten the lifespan of the tub:

  • Poor durability. Fiberglass is so lightweight because it’s much thinner than other bathtub materials, which makes it more susceptible to cracking and leaking over time. 
  • Soft finish. The epoxy coating on fiberglass tubs scratches easily, which creates hard-to-clean grooves where bacteria and mold can grow. The epoxy color is also prone to fading over time, leaving you with an uneven appearance. 
  • Too flexible. Since fiberglass isn’t a super hard material, it has the tendency to warp and bend over time. This can cause the caulk sealant to peel and crack, leading to water damage. 

How Long do Acrylic Tubs Last?

On average, acrylic tubs last around 10 to 15 years, significantly longer than a fiberglass tub. Acrylic-coated tubs are very easy to clean, which means you can spend more time enjoying the tub and less time maintaining it. Plus, acrylic is a much better insulator of heat than cast-iron and steel bathtubs, creating a more enjoyable bathing experience. 

Unlike fiberglass, acrylic is an affordable and durable option for your bathtub, especially when combined with another strong foundational material, like a high-tech polymer.

Signs You Need a Bathtub Replacement

If you’re unsure whether or not a new bathtub needs to be part of your bathroom upgrade, ask yourself these questions:

Is the Bathtub Stained or Scratched?

Even with proper cleaning and maintenance, it’s common for tubs to deteriorate over time. Not only does staining and scratching diminish the appearance of your bathroom, but it also breeds harmful bacteria and viruses that can make you and your family ill.  

Does the Bathtub Leak?

If your bathtub isn’t made of a durable material, there’s a chance it will warp and crack with repeated use. This allows water to leak around and under the tub into the drywall and wooden support beams. Water damage can cause serious structural issues and encourage dangerous mold and mildew growth. 

Is Mold or Mildew Present?

Dark patches growing along the grout and caulking surrounding your tub needs to be addressed ASAP. Mold and mildew are known to cause respiratory problems, especially for children, the elderly, and those with existing allergies, asthma or other respiratory illnesses. 

Is the Bathtub Difficult to Use?

At the end of the day, bathing shouldn’t be a chore. Whether you need a more therapeutic or accessible option, or you simply don’t enjoy using your current bathtub, consider upgrading to a bathtub that you’ll feel comfortable using each day. 

The Benefits of a Long Baths™ Bathtub


Trust the Long Baths™ team to transform your bathtub from outdated to outstanding. 

Our bathtub products are non-porous, antimicrobial and engineered to be mold, mildew, soap scum, rust and stain-resistant. Made of high-density ABS—the same material used to make bowling balls and boat hulls—and non-porous acrylic, our bathtubs are stronger and more scratch-resistant than traditional porcelain, steel and cast iron bathtubs.

In addition to durability, Long Baths™ offers customization you just can’t get with a fiberglass kit from a big box store. We offer a variety of colors and patterns, tub skirts, fixtures and accessories, including custom-built shelving to give our customers a perfect bathtub built to their exact specifications and preferences.

Each bathtub replacement is guaranteed by our lifetime warranty to give our customers peace of mind knowing they’ll be able to enjoy their bathtub for years to come. 

Transform Your Bathroom Today

At Long Baths™, we provide quality materials and unparalleled craftsmanship because the quality you notice often comes from the details you don’t. If you’re looking to upgrade your bathtub, visit us online today to get a quote or schedule a free, in-home consultation!

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