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What Is The Average Walk-In Shower Size?

Published on Friday October 21, 2022
Walk-In Shower Size

If you’re wondering what the average walk-in shower size is so you can tackle a shower remodel, you’ve come to the right place. Use this blog post from Long Baths as the ultimate walk-in shower size guide to help you determine your options. 

What is the Average Walk In Shower Size?

36 inches by 36 inches is the standard option for a square shaped  shower, while 60 inches by 30 inches is the average minimum for a rectangular shower. However, your walk-in shower size options will vary depending on your needs and how much space you have.

Here are some standard walk-in shower sizes to consider for your shower replacement:

  • 36 inches by 36 inches
  • 36 inches by 42 inches
  • 42 inches by 48 inches
  • 48 inches by 48 inches

What is the Standard Walk-In Shower Door Size?

The average shower door is 22-36 inches wide. However, to get more specific, the size depends on which of the two main types of shower doors you want: sliding or hinged. Sliding doors are frequently used for combination bathtub and walk-in showers, and are normally half as long as the bathtub.

Walk-In Shower Size Guide

There are three main types of walk-in showers. Each can come in several different styles with a variety of features. Types of walk-in showers include:

  • Standard shower stalls
  • Combination bathtub and walk-in shower 
  • Handicap-accessible showers 

Standard Walk-In Shower

This walk-in shower type is available in multiple sizes, from small and compact stalls to large compartments that can contain accessories like benches or built- in shelving.

You can purchase prefabricated walk-in showers or have them built to your specifications using tile or stone. Digital controls for water pressure and temperature can also be added to contemporary walk-in showers to make things extra luxurious.

Combination Bathtub and Walk-In Shower

These are the most space-efficient solution for bathrooms with unusual layouts or compact floor plans is a standard enclosure shower. Corner areas that would prevent a huge door from opening or sliding are perfectly suited for this combination shower. 

Handicap Walk-In Shower 

This walk-in shower size is perfect for seniors and anyone else who needs extra space to move in, out, and around the shower. You can choose from many classic bathtub-shower designs to create a fully functional space. Popular features include bars or handrails and benches along the shower walls.

Choosing the Right Walk-In Shower Size for You

Whenever you’re upgrading an area of your home, especially a high-use area like your bathroom, you want to make sure you make the right decisions. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine which walk-in shower size is for you:

  • How much space do I have?
  • Who will be using this shower?
  • Do any accommodations need to be made?
  • What accessories (built-in shelves, lighting, etc.) are needed?
  • What accessories can fit, and where?
  • Do I need to convert my bathtub into more shower space?

Reach Out to the Home Improvement Experts

The specialists at Long Bath are happy to help you find the best walk-in shower size for you. We offer a variety of wet-area replacement services, allowing you to enhance your bathroom without the hassle of a full remodel.
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