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When is the Best Time to Replace a Roof?

Published on Monday December 19, 2022

The best time of year to replace roofs is whenever you’ve been able to prepare for the project — mentally and financially. Proper planning is the best way to get a high-quality roof replacement. When you work with a professional roofer like Long Roofing, there’s no need to worry too much about seasonal weather — your experienced contractor will handle the project for you. However, different seasons do come with their own unique obstacles or advantages.

With Long Roofing, the best time to replace a roof is year-round. Read on to learn more about when to replace a roof and how to determine the best timeline for your project.

When is the Best Time to Replace a Roof?


As winter fades and the weather gets warmer, many homeowners start thinking about all of the home improvement projects they can tackle. When considering the best time of year to replace a roof, homeowners everywhere like to choose spring due to the enjoyable weather, especially if they’re noticing any roof leaks, drafts, or cave-ins from a harsh winter. 

Winter can be too cold, summer can be too hot, and fall can be too busy, so for most areas of the U.S., spring is a great time of year to get your roof replaced.

Asphalt shingles in particular need good weather for installation since they must adhere to your roof and create the sealing that keeps them in place. This process can’t happen in temperatures below 45°F. If you’re hoping to install an asphalt roof, then spring may be the best time.

The main downside to replacing your roof in the spring is that the weather can be unpredictable. Rain interrupting your installation project can result in huge delays, especially if you’re working with an experienced roofing contractor. 

A skilled roofer will know how to accommodate the changing weather and will come prepared with backup plans if the sky decides to open up. If you can plan to avoid the weather, you don’t have to let spring storms rain on your parade (or install).


For most roofing contractors, summer through fall is the busiest time of year — mostly because these months provide some of the best times to replace roofs. The weather is consistently warm enough to allow the proper functioning of all tools and materials, making installations more or less uninterrupted. 

Typically, late spring to early summer is one of the best times of the year to replace a roof because the rain has stopped and the extreme heat and humidity of late summer haven’t settled in. 

One major downside to this optimal time is difficulty scheduling. Prices go up, time slots become limited, and if you haven’t planned ahead, it can be challenging to get on a roofing contractor’s schedule. Most professional roofing contractors will work with you to get you on their schedule, but due to the significant increase in appointments during this time, it may be a while before you get your roof replacement started.

If your project gets pushed too far back into the summer season, you may end up having to install your roof during the dog days of extreme heat and humidity. Not only does summer weather affect working conditions, but it can also affect the roofing materials themselves. Extreme heat can start to melt asphalt shingles, making them less durable during installation and more prone to getting scuffed and damaged.

roof replacement seasons


As the weather starts cooling off from summer, fall becomes a popular time for roof replacements. The combination of cool, consistent weather and the incoming winter prompts a lot of homeowners into taking steps toward making their homes more efficient. Preparing for the upcoming cold, snow, ice, and sleet means getting your roof in optimal shape.

Since fall temperatures average between 45°F and 85°F with little threat of unpredictable rain, fall is the best time of year to replace the roof for many homeowners. Roofers can work longer days without getting overheated, helping get your project finished faster. 

Keep in mind, however, that replacing your roof in the fall can have some drawbacks, namely scheduling issues. Since so many people are vying for the same roof replacement appointment slots, it can be weeks or more between when you sign your contract to when you get your new roof.

Roofing contractors will often tackle the most necessary roof replacements first to ensure their customers are safe before the cold sets in. This could mean pushing your roof replacement into the beginning of winter depending on your roof’s condition. If you’re hoping to get your roof replaced in the fall, plan it out a month or two in advance to secure your spot on the schedule.


Contrary to popular belief, roof replacement is an excellent winter home improvement project. It’s a great time of year for getting on a roofing contractor’s schedule. There is a chance you may have to reschedule due to weather conditions, but because contractors usually have more availability this time of year, that shouldn’t delay your project much.

There are many types of roofs that a roofing contractor can install in winter, especially if you have several days in a row that are above 40°F. The main problem winter presents is when temperatures drop below 40°F. 

Shingles need thermal sealing to set, and while this process can happen quickly in warmer temperatures, it could take days or weeks in colder temperatures. If shingles get too cold, they can crack or break during your installation. Plus, snow, sleet, and other weather can make it extremely unsafe for workers to complete a roof installation.

Don’t let this deter you from a roofing upgrade, especially if it’s an emergency. It’s possible to replace your roof in the winter as long as your roofing contractor knows what they’re doing and everyone’s schedule is accommodating to weather changes.

A reputable contractor can guarantee the quality of their work regardless of the weather, so replacing your roof in the winter may be the best time of year to replace a roof for you.

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