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8 Reasons it Pays to Hire a Home Improvement Professional

Published on Monday August 25, 2014

Hire a home improvement professional.

DIY is the name of the game these days — but it’s not always the best route to go.

The truth: trying to save money on installation is often a huge mistake. It’s important to consider everything involved when renovating your home, because the financial costs go way beyond the materials alone.

Remember that home improvement professionals are trained experts in installation and safety.   

Here are eight reasons why a pro should install your windows, doors, kitchens, baths and roof components.

8 reasons to hire a home improvement professional

1. Equipment

Home improvement tasks require specific, up-to-date, quality tools.

Think about it: spending money on equipment you are not likely to need again defeats the purpose of trying to save money.  For example, installing replacement windows require some pricey tools.

Without the proper tools, it is not likely that the windows will be airtight, well-sealed, and fully operational. Improperly installed windows expose your family to safety issues and create an easy entry point for intruders.

2. Time

Naturally, a home improvement professional will perform the job in much less time than it would take for you to learn how to do it…make a few mistakes…have to tear out the poorly installed component…and do it all again.  Don’t learn how to do an installation and use your own home as a practice case.

3. Debris Removal

When you are replacing any part of your home, getting rid of the old material is not generally as easy as putting the trash out by the curb.

When you hire a specialist, you can expect leaving a clean work site part of good craftsmanship and job completion. This is particularly true when it comes to things like roof replacement or even kitchen cabinet replacement.

4. Knowledge

Installers who specialize in the installation of your roof, windows, doors, kitchen, and bath components have been thoroughly trained. Often they receive intensive training from the manufacturer of the material being used in your renovation.

5. Reliability

Who are you going to call if you and your buddy try to fill the role of a pro installer? Reputable installers guarantee their work.  If the installation has problems, it is likely to be repaired or replaced at no cost.

6. Safety

Walking on roofs, lifting heavy cabinetry and handling glass has a great potential for injury.  Not only are the pros trained to be safe on the job, they also have necessary safety equipment. They know how to minimize injury and respond quickly if unfortunate incidents occur.

7. Warranty

In most cases, the manufacturer will not warrant their products unless they are installed by professionals who have the training, experience, and equipment to do the job properly.

Long Home Products offers homeowners a 50-year, non-prorated, transferable warranty. We’ll provide you with all of the warranty information up-front — no surprises, no nonsense, just coverage.

8. Insurance

Insurance can get especially tricky when it comes to your home. How do you know what’s covered and what’s not?  Most of the time, if the damage was caused by an unavoidable event — hurricanes, tornadoes, vandalism, fire — you’re usually covered. However, when it comes to avoidable events, it’s not so clear.

More importantly, one of the standard exclusions of your homeowner’s policy is bad repair or workmanship.

If you hire a reputable pro installer, you are not likely to be caught with a denied claim due to the quality of installation. If you DIY it, you’re pretty much on your own.

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